WINTER BLANKETS 101 PLAY TO WIN BLACK CHARCOAL CHOCOLATE NAVY BLACK NylonSheet • Durable, lightweight nylon construction is breathable to prevent sweating in milder weather • Fleece insert at withers for added comfort • Double hook-and-loop front closure keeps the blanket secure and comfortable • Adjustable nylon leg straps are replaceable, to greatly extend the life of the sheet • Excellent to layer under any blanket to add warmth and comfort • Lightweight enough to wear in mild weather to keep horse clean • Sizes: Small (74”-76”), Medium (77”-79”), Large (80”-82”), X-Large (83”-85”) C. CENS $65.99 EconoPolarFleeceCooler • Ultrasoft fleece allows your horse to cool down slowly after a hard workout, helping to prevent chill • Effectively wicks away moisture after bathing and speeds the drying process indoors or outside in cool weather • Helps keep a groomed horse clean and dry during trailer transport or while stalled before a show • Reinforced horn slit for a secure fit over your saddle • Conveniently attaches with a belly strap, tail strap and four hook-and- loop closures in the front • Economical and sturdy • Machine washable • Sizes: Medium (74”-79”), Large (80”-85”) B. CEPFCEC $76.99 PremiumPolarFleeceCooler • Lush 380 gram fleece cools horse slowly and protects against chill • Effectively wicks moisture after bathing; speeds the drying process in cold weather • Helps keep groomed horses clean and dry before a show • Reinforced horn slit for a secure fit over your saddle • Removable, adjustable belly strap for easy washing • Hook-and-loop front fasteners offer quick, easy application and adjustment • Double stitched, nylon bound edge for extended durability • Machine washable • Sizes: Medium (74”-79”), Large (80”-85”) A. CEPFC $109.99