114 EQUIBRAND.COM/CLASSICEQUINE GIST BITS A B C WaveDotCheek The Wave Dot cheek was designed with the working cowhorse in mind. It has a 5-1/2” shank and a 3” purchase. Its slightly angled shank makes this a fast engaging bit. The shanks are made of greyed iron and decorated with hand engraved German Silver. BITWD $99.99 A. BITWD10 CORRECTION B. BITWD41 HIGH PORT ROLLER C. BITWD652 FROG PORT ROLLER Designed to the highest standards, these bits and spurs offer superior details and quality. Feel the difference in a high performance bit, beautifully trimmed with the artwork of Gary Gist. Feel the quality and proven performance of this elite collection of bits and spurs, distinctively crafted with attention to detail and symmetry.