GIST BITS 115 PLAY TO WIN I H G CavalryStarCheek The Cavalry Star cheek is made of greyed iron with German Silver Star Scroll trimming. It has a 5-1/2” shank and a 2-1/2” purchase, with the shank angled back for a quicker, more immediate response. The Cavalry Star is designed for the finished, well-broke horse. BITCSS $99.99 G. BITCSS10 CORRECTION H. BITCSS41 HIGH PORT ROLLER I. BITCSS52 FROG PORT ROLLER F E D LightningSevenCheek The Lightning Seven cheek is made with greyed iron and trimmed with German Silver. It has a 4-1/2” shank, a 3” purchase, and stainless steel bit rings. This cheek provides a quicker pull on the horse’s mouth and is excellent for horses that try to lip the bit. BITLSS $99.99 D. BITLSS30 CHAIN E. BITLSS41 HIGH PORT ROLLER F. BITLSS60 LOW PORT