GIST BITS 116 EQUIBRAND.COM/CLASSICEQUINE E F ArgentineArrowCheek The Argentine Arrow cheek is made with greyed iron and decorated with German Silver trim. It also features a hand engraved German Silver concho and loose stainless steel rein rings. It has a 4” shank and a 2-1/2” purchase. The Argentine Arrow is a mild cheek designed to catch your eye. BITAA $99.99 E. BITAA20 SNAFFLE F. BITAA22 TWISTED WIRE DOGBONE C D B A MoonCheek The Moon cheek was designed in the California style with the working cowhorse in mind. It has a 5” shank and a 2-1/2” purchase. Its straight shank makes this a fast engaging bit, but the loose rein rings do provide some signal. The shanks are made of greyed iron and decorated with hand engraved German Silver with stainless steel slobber chains. BITMS $99.99 A. BITMS41 HIGH PORT ROLLER B. BITMS42 SPADE ROLLER C. BITMS51 HOODED ROLLER D. BITMS52 FROG PORT ROLLER CloverCenterDeeRing The snaffle bit is used by all disciplines for training, competition, and everyday riding. The Clover Center Dee Ring has the looks and functionality to do all three. This 3-1/2” bit is fit for any show ring. It is made with more weight for a better feel in your horse’s mouth, and is designed not to pinch or pull through the horse’s mouth. BITCCD $99.99 G. BITCCD20 SNAFFLE G