LES VOGT BITS 120 EQUIBRAND.COM/CLASSICEQUINE D F C E B A SwivelPortwithHingedCheeks Shank: 7-1/2”; Leverage Position: 2.5. Swivel port mouthpiece combined with high leverage allows lift and more control when shifting weight to the hindquarters. Flexible and slow reacting; good for strong, well-seasoned horses. D. LVRB3 $121.99 SquarePortwithRollers Shank: 6-3/4”; Leverage Position: 2.5. Contoured chain links find pressure points that achieve lateral flexion with rate and body control under speed. E. LVRB6 $121.99 Chain Shank: 8”; Leverage Position: 3. Chain mouthpiece with high leverage. Flexible and slow reacting, good for stronger, well-seasoned horses. F. LVRB2 $121.99 ShortShankCorrectionwithSwivelCheeks Shank: 6-3/4”; Leverage Position: 2. Allows for rate and communication. Shifts weight to the hindquarters and eliminates performance dead spots. C. LVRB5 $121.99 3Piece Shank: 6-3/4”; Leverage Position 1.5. Popular, versatile graduation bit with more leverage, feel, and respect on green horses. B. LVRB8 $121.99 DogboneSnafflewithSwivelCheeks Shank: 5-3/4”; Leverage Position 1. Low leverage, easy mouthpiece is great for green or fragile horses. A. LVRB1 $121.99 RoperCollection The Les Vogt Roper Collection is specially designed to increase performance in the arena, on the ranch, or on the trail with precision design combinations. “Over the past 50 years, I have learned how to calculate effective leverage ratios and combine them with creative mouthpieces to maximize each horse’s performance.” -Les Vogt