LES VOGT BITS 121 PLAY TO WIN J I K H G 2-1/2”SanJoaquinPortwithTongueRelief Shank: 8”; Leverage Position: 2.5. 4:1 leverage ratio drops the neck and delivers perfect head position for precision performance. Great all around bit for most horses. J. LVCH5 $132.99 2-3/4”KeyholewithDoubleRoller Shank: 8”; Leverage Position: 3. Provides ample feel with palate and tongue pressure for respect. Easy to use and great for tougher horses. K. LVCH3 $132.99 1-1/2”PortwithRollers Shank: 8”; Leverage Position: 2. Higher leverage combined with a soft mouthpiece for more collection. Works well to eliminate high performance busy signals in and out of the arena and is a popular crossover bit. I. LVCH6 $132.99 2”FlatPortRoller Shank: 7-1/4”; Leverage Position: 2. Versatile mouthpiece with leverage. Communicates with respect, not too hot or too cold. Perfect for the nice horse that deserves to be bridled properly. H. LVCH2 $132.99 1-3/4”SlopePort Shank: 8”; Leverage Position: 1. Higher leverage drops the neck and slows curb action. Slope port mouthpiece gives tongue clearance and contact with the exterior of the bars. Great for green horses. G. LVCH4 $132.99 CowhorseCollection The Les Vogt Cowhorse Collection includes NRCHA approved bits with sweet iron mouth with copper inlay. Satin brushed iron shanks with beautiful hand engraved German silver overlay.