123 PLAY TO WIN JOE BEAVER BITS Joe Beaver is an 8 Time World Champion Calf Roper with 22 NFR qualifications in Tie-Down Roping and Team Roping. Joe has dedicated much of his life to growing the sport, coaching the pros and teaching young ropers the fundamentals of Calf Roping. Joe conducts clinics, seminars and roping schools worldwide, in addition to horse training and public speaking appearances. Classic Equine® is proud to offer his line of time tested Calf Roping bits. They are for everyone from novice and youth competitors to experienced professionals. His bits will help make up ground in horsemanship so the roper can focus on the calf. Ropers can depend on Joe Beaver bits for any style of calf horse, at varying stages of competition. 8”ShankHighPort For the seasoned, veteran calf horse. Provides more control in the box and in the corner. 8” shanks provide maximum jerk line action. Works well for ropers with light hands or helps compensate for size and strength of the roper. G. JBBIT3 $76.99 7-1/2”ShankLowPort Allows the horse to push into the roper’s hands, and the length of the shank helps maximize the function of the jerk line. Its port style is specifically shaped to be forgiving to a sensitive horse. Doesn’t lock on and hold a horse’s mouth like some bits can. Therefore, it is a good bit for kids or novice ropers. E. JBBIT2 $76.99 7-1/2”ShankHighPort Offers more control on a horse that drops in the front and helps the roper keep his horse’s weight shifted to the hind end. Offers more control on horses with a hard mouth. Increased “get back” action on horses that don’t want to get back or yield to the jerk line on their own. F. JBBIT1 $76.99 F E G