124 EQUIBRAND.COM/CLASSICEQUINE BIT LOGIC B A SmoothSnaffle The softer of the two O Ring styles. 3/8” diameter, 5” wide and curved to shape the mouth. Inlaid copper promotes salivation and greater sensitivity to the bars. A. TBBIT4OR20 $39.99 SnaffleORing O Ring Snaffles are the most commonly used pieces of equipment by trainers of all disciplines, for everything from starting colts to softening older performance horses. Use them to introduce a horse to a bit for the first time, teach a horse to follow his nose, lateral flexion exercises and drills, establish proper headset or soften older horses. These O Rings have a weighted feel for greater sensation during the pickup and release of pressure. In developing the Tool Box Bit line, we worked with dozens of the industry’s top horse trainers. While all trainers have their own “secret” specialty bits, the basic styles of mouthpieces and cheeks used by most respected horsemen are surprisingly similar. BitLogic is a complete bitting system. Included are essential bits that are common to most every professional horseman’s line of equipment in all western disciplines. TwistedWireSnaffle 3/8” x 5” stainless steel twisted wire mouthpiece. Creates greater sensitivity in the mouth. Great for training and softening older horses’ mouths. B. TBBIT4OR25 $39.99