TEAM ROPES 11 SUCCESS IS IN YOUR HANDS RanchRope Typical to Classic’s four strand construction, this rope is smooth and fast. We selected nylon for its durability and long life. Soft enough for anyone to handle, but tough enough for the hardest jobs. The Coretech™ body offers a balanced loop with a weighted tip, making it easy to use for work on the farm or ranch. Patent #5,941,198; #6,119,632; #6,142,104; #6,470,664. 3/8 TRUE 35’ XS $43.99 ClassicGold® If there has ever been a rope for all times, the Classic Gold® must be it. The original Classic® rope, with its first-grade nylon construction, was perhaps ahead of its time. No other rope is more proven in the field. Its enduring, fast feel still provides the quickness and consistency that today’s roper demands. Classic Gold® - the tradition continues. 3/8 TRUE 30’ XXS, XS, S, MS $41.99 3/8 TRUE 35’ MS, M, HM, MH $43.99 CLASSIC GOLD® BEST SELLERS # SIZE LENGTH LAY 1 3/8 TRUE 30’ XS 2 3/8 TRUE 30’ S 1 3/8 TRUE 35’ M 2 3/8 TRUE 35’ MS 3 3/8 TRUE 35’ HM