SPURS 133 PLAY TO WIN NEW K J I L Diamond/ChubbyRowel A kid-safe spur. Great for kids, novice riders, and professionals needing less spur on more sensitive horses. 1” offset shank on a 1/2” band with a one- of-a-kind chubby rowel. Sizes: medium, large. I. SPUR58DC $76.99 Bumper/ChubbyRowel 1/2” band and bumper tool with one-of-a-kind chubby rowels to create a very forgiving spur. Great for novice riders and professionals needing less spur for sensitive horses. Sizes: medium, large. K. SPURBC $76.99 Kid Browned iron, sized to fit children’s boots. Great for any discipline. 1/2” band, 1-1/4” shank. L. SPUR58KP $29.99 Diamond A great all around spur, the Diamond Spur has a 1” offset shank and a blunt rowel. Size medium has a 1/2” band, size large has a 5/8” band. Sizes: medium, large. H. SPUR58D $76.99 YouthScroll Greyed iron with hand engraved German Silver. Great for roping and barrel racing. 1/2” band, 1-1/4” shank. Size: medium. G. SPUR12YSC $69.99 H G Bumper 1/2” band and a perfectly placed bumper tool for just the right amount of encouragement without stress for sensitive horses. Size: medium. J. SPURBSCROLL $76.99