AUTOMATIC WATERERS 137 PLAY TO WIN E F G D ImmersionHeater • For use in all poly units • Teflon® coated for added durability • Built-in thermostat for worry free operation and protection only when you need it • One year warranty F. FOUNTIHEATER250 $68.99 ThermalTubes • Protect your riser through the frost zone • 2” of superior insulation with 8” inside diameter, 12” outside diameter, and an R-factor of 14 • Recommended water line installation is 1’ below the frost line D. FOUNTTHERMALTT1 1’ $63.99 FOUNTTHERMALTT2 2’ $87.99 FOUNTTHERMALTT4 4’ $157.99 FOUNTTHERMALTE2 2’ EXTENSION $87.99 WaterMeter • Always know your horses’ water intake exactly • Installs easily to any unit • 4’ cord for versatile placement options • Hook-and-loop backing is easy to mount and move • Meters total gallons and gallons per minute and resets with one button • Two AA batteries included • One year warranty E. FOUNTWATERMETER $49.99 SelfRegulatingHeatCable • Protects valve and supply lines from freezing, helping keep your unit trouble free • For use with all poly units • Built-in thermostat reduces heat as temperature increases, saving electricity costs G. FOUNTHTCABLE $61.99 C