13 SUCCESS IS IN YOUR HANDS KID ROPES JrMoneyMaker® KidRope A junior version of the Classic® MoneyMaker® . It may be smaller, but it has the same fast, smooth feel that is easy to handle. JMK 528 S 5/16” 28’ XS $32.99 RK4™ PolyKidRope A technologically advanced rope for the young roper, the Rattler® RK4 combines four strands of poly blend around a Coretech™ core for an advanced feel with more body. The weight of the poly helps provide better tip feel, advantageous to young ropers developing their swing. Assorted colors. Patent #5,941,198; #6,119,632; #6,142,104; #6,470,664. RK4POLY 7.5 26’ $27.99 XtremeKidRope Go to the Xtreme! The four-strand Classic® Xtreme is easy to handle, long lasting, and feels great. Kids of all ages can’t resist Xtreme fun. Assorted colors. XKR41425XS 1/4” 25’ XS $26.99 FireCrackerKidRope Everyone’s favorite kid rope is back! The Firecracker is now a 100% poly four- strand. It has more feel and lasts longer than ever before, and the size makes it the perfect play rope for all kids, regardless of age! Assorted colors. FKR318XS 3/16” 18’ XS $19.99 Zoom™ KidRope The Classic® Zoom is specially designed for young ropers or serious competitors in long-reaching dummy roping events. The Zoom is slightly smaller, with the same four-strand Coretech™ technology preferred by adult four-strand users who need a lighter rope. Patent #5,941,198; #6,119,632; #6,142,104; #6,470,664. ZOOM5F30XS 5/16” FULL 30’ XS $36.99