ACCESSORIES 151 PLAY TO WIN NEW NEW NEW NEW D D E PremiumRopeHalter • 100% marine quality polyester is UV resistant and colorfast • High-tenacity fibers are ultra low stretch and durable • Size: Average (Black also available in Small) D. HALTER $21.99 PremiumRopeHalter withLead • Premium Rope Halter with 9’ Premium Lead Rope included • Size: Average (Black also available in Small) E. HALTERLEAD $52.99 BLACK BLACK PURPLE OLIVE BLACK W/ BLACK LEAD OLIVE W/ CAMO LEAD PURPLE W/ BLACK LEAD TAN W/ CAMO LEAD TAN CAMO (9’ ONLY) F PremiumLeadRope • Double braided polyester cover and core with leather popper • Firm yet flexible, allows excellent control with virtually no stretch • Weighted feel for increased sensitivity • Colorfast and UV resistant coating F. LEAD9 9’ $31.99 LEAD14 14’ $39.99 QuickChangeHalter • Innovative stainless buckle is the fastest way to halter • Fully adjustable to fit perfectly, simply slip loop through buckle and slide keeper down • Durable nylon rope • Color: black G. HALTERBKLBK $21.99 G