ACCESSORIES 152 EQUIBRAND.COM/CLASSICEQUINE A B BraidedRawhideRopeHalter withLead • Durable nylon body is long-lasting and UV resistant • Braided rawhide noseband adds feel and traditional appeal • Available in many colors for all horses and rider preferences • 8’ lead included A. HALTERRN $21.99 PURPLE/TEAL SOLID BLACK BLACK PINK/TURQUOISE BLACK/WHITE SOLID BROWN BLUE PINK PremiumLongeLine • 23’ Longe Line with leather popper and bull snap • Firm yet flexible, allows excellent control with virtually no stretch • Weighted feel for increased sensitivity • Colorfast and UV resistant C. LEAD23SBK $69.99 RopeWorkHalterwithLead • Durable, UV resistant nylon • Low stretch 8’ yacht line lead • Economically priced • Color: black B. HALTER08BK $14.99 BLACK C