TRAINING 194 EQUIBRAND.COM/MARTINSADDLERY NEW A C E B D F G Hobbles Harness Leather A. HARNHOB REGULAR $64.99 HARNHOB-L LONG $64.99 Latigo Leather B. LATHOB $64.99 Alpaca C. ALPHOB $69.99 Rope D. ROPEHOB $39.99 Mule Tape E. MTHOB $39.99 Phil Haugen Training Over 25 years, Phil Haugen has developed a method of horsemanship upon the foundation of common sense, trust and understanding. A respected trainer and clinician, Phil has developed these tools to help accomplish the training goals of all disciplines. 1/2ā€¯BraidedRein Quick pickup and release helps the horse to understand your cues and improves reaction to your hands. The low stretch between the hands and bit keeps the horse from leaning on the bridle and provides immediate release for softness. Use with slobber straps to facilitate a softer feel. F. PHREIN $27.99 BungeeTiedown The Bungee Tiedown makes introducing poll pressure easier in sensitive horses. Headset is encouraged with easy reinforcement without being too harsh. This helps the horse feel more comfortable and willing in his training. G. PHBTD $39.99