SADDLE ACCESSORIES 210 EQUIBRAND.COM/MARTINSADDLERY A D E B F/G C FlankCinchHobbleStrap Biothane. Regular size for use with 2-1/2” and 4-1/2” flank cinches; Roper size to be used with 7-1/2” and 8-1/2” flank cinches. Regular F. FCHS $14.99 Roper G. FCHSR $13.99 FlankCinch Natural skirting leather 8-1/2” A. FC812 31” LONG $142.99 4-1/2” B. FC412 35” LONG $125.99 2-1/2” C. FC212 35” LONG $109.99 Flank Cinches ContouredFlankCinch Natural skirting leather. Unique contoured shape provides full contact with the horse, making it a more comfortable and better performing cinch. 7” D. FC7 31” LONG $153.99 7” Extra Long E. FC7XL 35” LONG $159.99 All Martin Saddlery flank cinches have biothane keepers for longevity. The contoured ends will not interfere with spurring. They are made of heavy saddle skirting with a latigo liner and sewn together with heavy nylon thread. Then they are hand rubbed and the edges are dyed. Roller buckles are secured with copper rivets.