SADDLE ACCESSORIES 211 THE COMPANY COWBOYS KEEP NEW NEW NEW H I J K/M L/N O Q P FlankBillet Doubled and stitched Natural Skirting K. FB134 $76.99 Chestnut Skirting L. FB134C $76.99 RemovableFlankBillet Doubled and stitched Natural Skirting H. FB134R $76.99 Chestnut Skirting I. FB134CR $76.99 Chocolate Skirting J. FB134COR $76.99 OffsideLatigo 1-3/4” durable, low stretch, top quality latigo leather Doubled and Stitched P. OL134DS $39.99 Single Ply Q.OL134 $36.99 ExtraStrongFlankBillet Biothane center for extra strength, doubled and stitched Natural Skirting M.FB134N $81.99 Chestnut Skirting N. FB134NC $81.99 Latigo 1-3/4” x 6’-6”. Thin, yet strong, causing less bulk in girth area and allowing free leg movement. Tapered ends to make it easier to pull tight. O. LL134 $39.99