FLY PROTECTION 224 CASHELCOMPANY.COM FlySheetNeckGuard Soft and breathable, this cool, easy care micromesh neck guard attaches easily to the Crusader Fly Mask and Fly Sheet. The Neck Guard also keeps your horse’s mane straight, saving you grooming time and getting you back in the saddle faster. Machine washable. Sizes: 66-72, 74-80, 82-84 FS-NG $43.99 EconoFlySheet Great protection for all. Supersoft easy care polyester mesh blocks UV rays, offering cool protection from sun and insects. Fleece lining at the withers and adjustable straps make it comfortable enough for continuous wear, yet economical enough for the entire stable. Colors: Grey, HotLeaf Camo Sizes: 74-76, 77-79, 80-82 FSE GREY $87.99 FSE-HL HOTLEAF $87.99 LightweightFlySheet Breathable mesh can be used even on warmer days when insects are active. Unique design has a contoured shoulder and wide belly flap for added comfort and protection of sensitive areas, while keeping the sheet securely in place. Color: Grey Sizes: 57-59, 66-68, 70-72, 74-76, 77-79, 80-82, 83-85, 94-96 FSL $143.99