FLY PROTECTION 225 ENJOY THE RIDE FlyMaskNoseNet The Nose Net protects your horse’s muzzle out in the pasture. Attaches to the halter. Durable mesh blocks 70% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Sizes: Small, Medium, Large FM-NN $14.99 QuietRide™ NoseNet Attaches to a cavesson or tiedown noseband. Protects from dust and insects, and relieves shaking head syndrome. Sizes: Small, Medium, Large QR-NN $9.99 ComfortEars Your horse is nodding in approval. Eliminate annoying head tossing caused by flying insects. This supersoft, lightweight, washable and durable material fits comfortably under any bridle with minimal bunching or unwanted movement. Horse Sizes: Medium, Large Mule Size: Medium/Large CE-BLA HORSE $15.99 CE-BLA-M/L-M MULE $17.99 FlySheetBellyGuard Added protection from chest to flank, the Fly Sheet Belly Guard gives relief from flies where your horse needs it most. Soft straps are comfortable, adjustable and secure. Use with the Crusader Fly Sheet in the pasture or stable. Sizes: 66-72, 74-80, 82-84 FS-BG $42.99 QUIET RIDE FLY MASK