FLY PROTECTION 227 ENJOY THE RIDE QuietRideBellyGuard For comfort on the go, the Quiet Ride Belly Guard is a must. This cool, lightweight mesh keeps flies at bay when you are on the go, without slipping or bunching. Perfect for long trail rides when extra protection is necessary. One size. QR-BG $29.99 QuietRideHood Soft and lightweight, the Quiet Ride Hood attaches easily to the bridle, adjusts to fit any horse, and moves easily with your horse’s head. The mesh is breathable, allowing your horse’s neck to stay cool while keeping insects away during your ride. QR-HD $29.99 QuietRideBugArmor Complete, natural protection on the go. The Quiet Ride Bug Armor cleverly attaches to the bridle and saddle for full coverage without affecting the horse or rider’s movements. Provides a cool, comfortable shield from biting insects without restriction. Two piece set. One size. QR-BA $63.99