21 NOTHING COMES CLOSE STRINGS GoatStrings Recommended by renowned clinician and goat tying coach Lynn Smith. Three-ply construction for optimal hold, in four variations of stiffness for increased speed and control at all levels and age groups. Novice (S): The softest feeling string in the line for the ultimate beginner. Junior (MS): Designed for young, beginning goat tyers. Easier for smaller hands to handle. Original (M): Precise blend between firmness for snappy ties and suppleness for controllability. Ideal string for goat tyers who are looking to add speed to their ties. Pro (H): Offers optimum speed without sacrificing security. A truly fast string that is accurate run after run, for goat tyers who are comfortable handling a stiff string. Boys’: The perfect blend for fast ties, with a manageable length for tying goats. GOAT STRING 52” S, MS, M, H $12.99 BOYS’ GOAT STRING 60” S $15.99 RACER BEST SELLERS # SIZE LAY 1 BLUE EYE MH 2 BLUE EYE M 3 BLUE EYE SM Racer™ PigginString Racer Piggin Strings are more than just a good feeling body. A special process ensures each eye is just the right size and will not turn. Hand sewn rawhide burners provide speed and smoothness. A specially formulated wax creates just the right balance and body to add speed to your tie. 100% nylon Racer Strings are fast and snappy, with a great feel. RED RACER 6.5’ S, SM, M, MH $18.99 BLUE RACER 6.5’ S, SM, M, MH $18.99 WHITE RACER BLUE EYE® 6.5’ XS, S, SM, M, MH, H $18.99 WHITE RACER RED EYE® 6.5’ XS, S, SM, M, MH, H $18.99 WHITE RACER BLACK EYE® 6.5’ SM, M, MH, H $18.99 WHITE RACER PURPLE EYE® 6.5’ M, MH, H $18.99 GREEN EYE® STEER STRING 7.5’ 5/16, 5/16” FULL $21.99