SADDLE ACCESSORIES 239 ENJOY THE RIDE NEW J G H YouthRawhideStirrup Rawhide covered and metal bound wood, durable and comfortable. Designed with the youth sized rider in mind. Size: 2” x 4” H. SA-SS-YTHR $59.99 MonelStirrup Large, comfortable wooden bell-bottom stirrup bound in brass Monel and leather lined. Size: 4” x 5” G. SA-MB-4 $164.99 4” DEEP 2” DEEP TrailKit The Trail Kit ties in front of an English or Western saddle and allows for one handed access to your critical items, such as sunscreen, cell phone and area map. The Trail Kit lies flat just in front of the swells of your saddle and won’t interfere with you or your horse. Complete with a double sided see-through map pocket that doubles as a waterproof cover for the contents in your kit. Includes two padded pockets for breakables and has built in elastic loops that can be used to carry a small flashlight, pepper spray or hoof pick. Black. Contents not included. J. TK-BLA $23.99 I SaddleStrings Dee String clip assembly, 24” long. Latigo leather. I. SA-CDSTRING $6.99