SADDLE ACCESSORIES 241 ENJOY THE RIDE SaddleShield Waterproof cover for riding that is designed to fit all English saddles and will even cover a large Dressage saddle. Now you can ride on those days when rain chances are questionable without having to worry about damaging your saddle. Machine wash gentle, tumble dry low. Black. Size: 28” l x 57” w SSHIELD-BLA-ENG $27.99 StirrupSlipper Pocketed slipper keeps your stirrups from slipping and scratching your saddle while longeing, hauling or in the tack room. Made of soft quilted poly cotton twill to fit any size stirrup or saddle, it lays across the saddle with the weight of the stirrups keeping it in place. Machine wash, tumble dry low. Black. Size: 35” l x 8” w STSL $19.99 EnglishDustCover Store your english or dressage saddle safe and protected from the dust particles in the air. The Dust Cover can significantly cut down on cleaning and polishing of your english saddles. Use it every day in the barn or while commuting to an event to protect your saddle, keeping it clean and dust free. Black. Size: 28” l x 57” w DC-BLA-ENG $25.99