RIDER ACCESSORIES 251 ENJOY THE RIDE F G H J I Step-UpStirrup Solves the problem of mounting away from home. Simply attach to the saddle horn and pull around the back of the cantle to create the extra step you need. Features an adjustable strap, stainless steel hardware and storage bag. Black. Sizes: Regular (52”), X-Long (72”) I. SOS $39.99 FleeceSeatShrinker Why buy a new saddle? The Fleece Seat Shrinker provides an affordable way to adjust the saddle seat for all riders. Comfortable and easy to install. Adjusts to accommodate most western saddles. Perfect for growing kids or adults that share saddles. J. SA-SSHR-FL $39.99 ComfortSpur Easy to use spur that stays put on your boots or riding shoes. The Comfort Spur’s gentle contact surface allows you to effectively cue your horse without causing discomfort. Stainless steel, with “spring action” construction that ensures a fit on any shoe size from a ladies’ size 7 to a men’s size 12. Pair. F. SPUR-R ROWEL $21.99 G. SPUR-E ENGLISH $17.99 H. SPUR WESTERN $8.99 ROWEL ENGLISH WESTERN