RIDER ACCESSORIES 252 CASHELCOMPANY.COM A B C D E Daddle™ Dad can give the ultimate horseback rides! Ideal for ages 2-6, the Daddle is a soft stuffed saddle complete with adjustable stirrups, soft saddle horn and a latigo strap designed with Dad’s comfort in mind. Made of washable sturdy cotton and will bring hours of enjoyment to your home. Daddle Up! E. DAD-SA-BLA $43.99 SpurStraps Cowboy Spur Strap, stamped to match Cashel® saddles, with stainless steel buckle. Chocolate skirting leather. A. SA-CTSS DIAMOND $36.99 B. SA-TBSS CAMO $36.99 C. SA-COSS ROPE $36.99 SpurStraps Cowboy Spur Strap with stainless steel buckle. Skirting leather. Styles: see left D. SA-SS15 $26.99 CHOCOLATE BASKET CHESTNUT BARBWIRE CHOCOLATE WEAVE CHESTNUT BASKET F EZKnees™ Stop the fender fight and relieve unnecessary pain in your knees and hips while you ride. EZ Knees allow your feet to rest in a more natural position, helping to eliminate pressure. Made of 1/8” hand polished aluminum. Rust proof and durable. Sizes: (by stirrup leather width): 2-1/2”, 3” F. EZK $29.99