RIDER ACCESSORIES 254 CASHELCOMPANY.COM A Caps Adjustable to fit most. Colors: See left A. BC $19.99 CAMO HOTLEAF PINK HOTLEAF ORANGE NAVY BLACK BLACK/ WHITE PINK C B Cashel®Cap Made from durable, lightweight, closed cell foam that stretches around your helmet and secures firmly with a hook-and-loop closure. Easily adjustable. Medium has a 4” bill, Long has a 5-1/2” bill, and the Brim has a 5-1/2” bill with extra 4” at the sides for ear protection. B. CAP-4 MEDIUM $14.99 CAP-5 1/2 LONG $14.99 CAP-BRIM BRIM $17.99 QuietRideBugNet Great for wearing under any hat or helmet to help protect your face and neck from biting insects. It’s made from our lightweight traditional Quiet Ride mesh, so it yields a high level of visibility while you are riding out in the pasture or along the trail. Trim bottom mesh to shorten if needed. One size fits most. C. QR-BUG-NET $12.99