BARN ACCESSORIES 256 CASHELCOMPANY.COM NEW A C D B HayNet The Hay Net holds up to three large flakes of grass or alfalfa hay. The extra long draw string offers greater flexibility when hanging options are limited. Use in a stall, trailer or out on the trail. Colors: pink, green, royal, red D. HAYNET $9.99 HayBag Made of 600 denier nylon for long lasting durability. Solid rods at the top make loading hay a snap. Two top straps and a bottom dee ring keep the bag from spinning. Tough double weave mesh allows dirt and debris to escape. Holds three flakes of hay. Black. C. HB-BLA $32.99 MeshStallHayBag This large capacity hay bag holds four to five large flakes of hay. It’s the ideal hay bag for when horses need hay to last over a longer period of time in a stall, highline, or an all day event. Black. B. HBM-BLA $35.99 SlowFeedTopLoadHayBag Made of a tough poly for durability with a mesh bottom that allows dirt to escape. Hangs on the fence or in your trailer. You can load it with one hand, and the top strap velcros shut so hay doesn’t come out the top. No-spin, adjustable back strap keeps the bag in place. Black. Size: 24-1/2” x 9-1/2” x 20” A. HB-SF-BLA $43.99 RED GREEN ROYAL PINK