SADDLE PADS 268 CASHELCOMPANY.COM GREEN CHECK NavajoBlanket Made from 100% woven wool fibers. It can be used under felt or cushion pads to extend the life of the pad and provide additional padding when needed. It also works great on top of a plain cushion or felt pad for the show ring. 1/4” thick. N30 Colors: black, tan N32 Colors: black, tan N34 Colors: black, tan, green check, red multi, pink multi N30 30” X 32” $21.99 N32 32” X 34” $21.99 N34 34” X 36” $21.99 PerformancePad Made with a 3/4” blended felt/foam interior and highgrade orthopedic felt bottom then finished with our popular Cashel® Navajo Blanket top. This pad is soft, form fitting, and moves freely with your horse. It provides the utmost in comfort and protection. Perfect for all-day trail rides or tough competition. P32 Colors: black, tan P34 Colors: black, tan, green check, red multi, pink multi P32 32” X 34” $89.99 P34 34” X 36” $89.99 PerformanceFeltPad The split design moves with the horse’s back, reducing friction. Made of 3/4” natural felt that provides protection against saddle pressure and shock. Natural wool wicks heat and moisture away for year round comfort. Grey. CSPF 31” X 33” $99.99 RED MULTI PINK MULTI BLACK TAN