ROPING GEAR 28 EQUIBRAND.COM/CLASSICROPE NEW NEW NEW A WHITE GREY NAVY BLACK E HPRopingGlove Roping with a HP Roping Glove is the new standard. Slide your hand into the superior alternative to traditional cotton gloves. Its High Performance molecular structure is fabricated to be abrasion and cut resistant. The HP Roping Glove is breathable and evaporates moisture quickly, giving you more feel and sensitivity to be fast and accurate. The long lasting seamless construction fits close and the index, middle and thumb of adult sizes are touchscreen friendly. Package of 6. Sizes: Kid, S, M, L, XL A. CPCGLOVE CLASSIC $19.99 B. RPCGLOVE RATTLER $19.99 D SyntheticRopingGlove This Classic glove’s spandex body has an ergonomic fit that won’t fatigue your hand. Amara synthetic leather palm and finger bottoms offer toughness and flexibility. Burn-resistant material increases durability. Navy. Sizes: S, M, L, XL (right hand only) C. CSYNGL $25.99 DeluxeRopingGlove The Deluxe Roping Glove provides superior rope feel. Made from a synthetic blend of hi-tech fibers, it is thin yet highly protective. It has memory to stretch, conforms to the hand, and lasts longer than traditional cotton gloves. Bundle of 12. Color: Natural Sizes: Kid, S, M, L, XL. D. CGLOVE08 $23.99 ElasticRopeStraps Buckles under the saddle’s swell to provide a quick and safe method of securing ropes to the saddle. 12 straps per package. E. RSEC12P CLASSIC $3.99 EA F. RSER12P RATTLER $3.99 EA C B TouchscreenFriendly TouchscreenFriendly TouchscreenFriendly F