ROPING GEAR 31 EQUIBRAND.COM/RATTLERROPE NEW NeckRope The Neck Rope is tied with adjustable knots and sliding honda. Assorted colors. H. CRNR $33.99 SquareNeckRope The Square Neck Rope is square braided for more body and structure, with adjustable knots and sliding honda. G. CRNRSQ $37.99 CordedJerklinePulley A lightweight, solid pulley with smooth edges and great action to eliminate hang-ups. Cord is durable nylon, and attaches easily and securely with a built-in slipknot. J. CRJLPCT $21.99 JerklinePulley 2” nylon rope pulley has rounded edges and smooth action to eliminate hangups and ensure free movement. Black. I. CRJLP $9.99 Jerkline The Jerkine is 17’ long and 1/2” in diameter. Red. K. CRJL $21.99 PremiumJerkline The Premium Jerkine is 19-1/2’ long and 7/16” in diameter, with an ideal weight. Made of 48 strand poly sleeve material and braided nylon core. Red. L. CRPJL $45.99 J K H L I G BRONW/TAN TAN/BROWN BLACK/TAN