INSTRUCTIONAL DVDS 32 EQUIBRAND.COM/CLASSICROPE H I F G C D E TheNextLevel RichSkelton Develop a winner’s mind and learn the ultimate swing and superior horse position. C. DVDRS1 $49.99 PracticewithaPurpose JakeBarnes 7 Time World Champion Jake Barnes gives you his proven formula for success. B. DVDJB1 $49.99 TheJourney Barnes&Cooper Jake Barnes and Clay O’Brien Cooper tell their story and share techniques they used to stay at the top. A. DVDBC1 $49.99 A B WeekendWarrior AldoGaribay Aldo Garibay shares his techniques for success. Audio set in both English and Spanish languages. F. DVDAG1HD HEAD $49.99 G. DVDAG1HL HEEL $49.99 WinningThroughYourHorse TylerMagnus Tyler helps you increase your winning percentage by allowing your horse to carry you to victory. D. DVDTM1HD HEAD $49.99 E. DVDTM1HL HEEL $49.99 StartingtheHead/HeelHorse JDYates JD Yates is a legend in training the best horses. He shows you how to start a horse to become a winner. H. DVDJDY1 HEAD $49.99 I. DVDJDY2 HEEL $49.99