PROTECTIVE BOOTS 65 PLAY TO WIN BLACK BLACK BLACK StandingWrapBandage • Tough, stain resistant bandage material for securing quilted standing wraps • 5-1/2” wide and 12’ long for easy, complete coverage • Easy to apply and remove, with large hook-and-loop fasteners for secure fit • Minimal stretch helps prevent tendon injuries CESWB154 $22.99 QuiltedStandingWraps • Provides compression to help prevent inflammation • Comfortable, durable quilting is padded to provide even pressure • Bound edges keep out dirt and debris • Black color looks cleaner and shows fewer stains than lighter wraps CEQSW154 $34.99 StressGuardWraps • Easy to use and clean • Provides protection for horses in a stall or during transport • Comfortable poly fleece lining with neoprene center for even support and pressure • Outer shell is durable with bound edges to keep debris out • Round-cut double lock closure is aggressive and secure CESGW12BK 12” $49.99 CESGW14BK 14” $49.99