SADDLE PADS 66 EQUIBRAND.COM/CLASSICEQUINE photo:CovyMoore KASSIE MOWRY 2TimeNFRQualifier BFA&AQHAWorldChampion RodeoHoustonChampion THE PAD THAT REACTS For extreme competiton, Zone Saddle Pads provide extreme protection against pressure and impact. A specialized insert is filled with Zoombang™, an advanced polymer designed to reduce impact and pressure in a unique way. Zoombang has been used extensively to protect bull riders, NASCAR drivers, and professional football players with great success. This technology is available for the equine athlete as well. Zoombang is a semisolid material at rest. This allows it to conform comfortably to the horse and disperse saddle pressure evenly. Using cutting edge innovations in science, Zoombang reacts to impact by instantly becoming rigid, dissipating pressure and protecting the horse’s back. To learn more about this leading-edge innovation in protective equipment, visit THE ZONE™ SERIES pad is the only saddle pad that features a polymer protective material that changes its properties on impact to offer your horse the most comfortable fit while ensuring his protection, no matter how hard you ride. REACTS LIKE A SOLID TO IMPACT Molecules align to form a protective barrier between you and your horse. RETURNS TO GEL AFTER IMPACT and constantly responds to horse and rider movement. RESPONDS LIKE A GEL TO GRADUAL OR CONSTANT PRESSURE molds and conforms to the back for the ultimate comfort.